How This Works

If you want to become the next famous concert pianist ASAP this program isn’t for you. If you want an intense experience where the teacher slaps your wrist with a ruler this program isn’t for you.


This program is for you if you want to reach your goals, playing music you love. Emphasis is on enjoying that process in a fun, relaxed way. Plain and Simple.



  • Get the satisfaction of watching yourself improve over time.

  • Enjoy sitting down and playing for yourself.

  • Gain the confidence to play in front of family and friends.

  • Play something for a memorable occasion.

  • Play for the challenge of mental strength and fitness.

  • Learn your favorite song.

  • Learn something for someone special and play it for them.

  • Gain the joy and relaxation of playing.

Additionally, some people experience an improvement in their mental health and wellness. Some have claimed lessons helped to diminish depression and anxiety in their life. I don’t have statistical evidence of this, but I do believe there is an aspect of interior wellness in our lessons. Whether it be intellectual, social, emotional or spiritual - who knows what's possible?

Here’s how my lesson program works. If you’d like to begin, fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll contact you in less than a day. We’ll set up an informal meeting with studio tour to ensure this is the perfect place for you.

If you decide to begin lessons are on weekday mornings. Tuesday evening classes are available for working adults. The focus is on getting to your goals, so go as far as you’d like. 


I want you to love playing the piano. If you are not satisfied for ANY reason there is a 100% guarantee for the first two lesson meetings. That’s right. If you don’t love the first two lessons say the word and I’ll refund your money back to you - no questions asked.

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