I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.


Unfortunately, I never had time to devote to lessons. 

I have no previous musical experience but have always enjoyed listening to music.


Learning to play always

seemed like such a mystery to me.

I regret quitting early on and wish I could continue now that I have the time.


I'd like to see if I can pick it up again.

Ever had these thoughts?


So many adults dream of learning to play the piano, but so often something gets in the way. Regardless of your circumstance,


you can learn to




My unique, accelerated group lesson style creates an exceptional playing experience at the piano. You will learn and apply new concepts in a growing, step-by-step process. You’ll play with both hands at the piano from the very first lesson. The best part is that you'll be on your way to playing your favorite music in a matter of weeks, not years.

Calvert Piano Studio lessons are only for adults. Read on to hear what others have to say about the studio AND hear what they're playing.

What Students Are Saying

It is really exciting that I am learning to play the piano. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen!



Not at all intimidating. Can move at my own speed!



I love the positive


I'm returning to the piano after 60 years!


Lower Marlboro

What Students Are Playing

Karen composed this piece on the black keys. She has been taking group lessons for 5 weeks in this video!
Sharon had the goal of learning to read music before starting lessons. She is playing at the 16 week mark here!
Nancy loves classical music. She started with group lessons and then switched to private lessons when she felt ready.
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